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A visit to Just Japs 4 – Spartan Plugs

Like many of our visitors, we like various kinds of vehicles. Naturally, we had to visit Just Japs 4 to see what Malta was doing to their Japanese machines. We arrived just around 8PM and there were already many cars on display, although some were still arriving. We strolled around all the cars on display, Hondas, Toyotas, Subarus, Mitsubishis and whatever you can think of that comes from Japan. To our surprise, even a lovely modded Toyota Hilux, which you can see in our photos!


From the Amuse Honda S2000 to Luca Vella’s hill climb prepared Subaru Impreza, there was something for everyone to see. It’s not common to see hill climb cars in these kinds of shows and this was a first for Luca as well.


From classic to modern and everything in between. All the way from the Toyota Celica GT from the 70’s to the very recent Toyota GT86. We do feel there should be more retro Japanese classics on display but that of course, depends on their owners. We must also not forget ASR’s Impreza which is always a pleasure to view.



Low to the ground or way up above it, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. This particular Toyota Hilux should have had a more central spot, on our pinion since it’s not a common sight to spot one!


ASR’s Honda drag car was on display at their booth before having a few runs down Hal Far’s Raceway. Team Maximum Lock’s Nissan 350z as well as their other cars were at their own booth as well. And last but not least a mighty RX-7 showing us how to deal with fire like a pro!

Aside from the static display the drag strip was also open to those car owners who wished to race fellow drivers or check their time at the 1/4 mile. The Spartan Plugs team was there for a couple of hours enjoying the view and we can say we’ve really enjoyed ourselves. A big well done goes to all the organizers and volunteers who made this event possible for the Maltese car scene!

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krist Axisa · 7th September 2015 at 1:19 pm

Yep true it was an amazing event .Big well done to ASR for this event.It was a night not to forget.Thank also for the great shot you took of my white Celica 7th gen.Hard work really pays .All the looks and kit were designed and fabricated by me. You won’t find anything else were. Thanks again.

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