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Honda Fest #6 – Spartan Plugs

Here at Spartan Plugs we have no bias towards any particular auto manufacturer. So, whenever we can, we turn up at an event to look around to what the Maltese enthusiasts have to offer.

We left for Hal Far some time around 7pm. By the time we were at Luqa we realised some participants were still on their way. Sometimes we were able to tell by being able to see a Honda or two. Other times by hearing that particular Honda VTEC sound before being overtaken. Once we got there we strolled around the static area and took some time to roam. We discussed particular features and modifications that were visible on the static cars. One could also find drag and hill climb specification vehicles. Needless to say, these had drawn quite some attention.

Like the global Japanese car culture, most of the cars had modifications. Some had only minimal touches and others on the extreme side of things with body and interior overhauls. and completely stripped track machines. The only thing we would have liked to see more of was vintage Hondas. Unfortunately this isn’t a Honda Fest problem but rather a general lack of vintage Japanese vehicles in the country.

By the time we viewed the static show some cars had started preparing to have their drag battles. When the first pair of cars were about to race we made our way closer to the strip. Unfortunately it had already started raining which made it tricky for some of the drivers racing at that time. Things only got worse when the rain increased and the event had to be cancelled.

While we only spent a short time at Honda Fest #6 due to the weather , we’re of the opinion that it was a well organised event. The turn out would have been greater if the weather wasn’t rainy throughout the day. Well done to the organisers and all the car owners that turned up with their vehicles.

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