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Honda Fest #6 Part 2 – Spartan Plugs

When we posted about Honda Fest #6 the even was suspended abruptly due to the weather situation. However, the organisers did not let this make one ruined event, instead they made this a two parter. Yesterday, the 15th of November marked the second part of the event which would see the same event during the day on a weekend instead of on a Friday night.

Needless to say, this was unfinished business for us at Spartan Plugs. You can’t cover half an event and we figured there might actually be some cars that didn’t attend the first part of the event. So we went to Hal Far at around 1:30pm to find the drag race qualifiers had already started so we decided to stop by and watch before strolling through the static section. We can say the same about the second part like we did on the first, the only thing we felt was missing was cars pre-1990 but we attribute this to the lack of models on the island other than these cars not actually attending an event such as this.

We’ve met a few people from the local Honda scene, got to learn more about what’s what locally and some interesting builds that we’ll most likely be featuring in the future. One could also see the new Civic Type-R on display as well as some of the best track prepared Hondas on the island. All in all it was an excellent event and a big well done goes out to the organisers, attendees and competitors.

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