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Eman & Jean Claude’s Volkswagen Beetles – Spartan Plugs

Cars have been making history since they were created. We see new automotive technology every year, new records broken and concepts that are simply things of dreams. But few cars make a run so long and produced in so many numbers to the extent of changing society.

In 1933 the idea of the Beetle was pitched by Adolf Hitler to Ferdinand Porsche and in 1938 production had started for what would be one of the longest ever produced cars in automotive history. By the end of production in 2003 there were 21,529,464 Beetles produced built mostly in Germany and Brazil and assembled in a number of plants worldwide. With such a popular car come many fans and enthusiasts as well as owners.

Today we meet Eman & Jean Claude, friends that share a passion for the Beetle’s 1303 variant from the 1970’s. They sport many of the original features with a few personal touches which in our opinion are essential to a car like the Beetle which like other Volkswagen classic models can mostly be seen with custom paint jobs. The most common that comes to mind it the hippie floral pattern which was quite prominent in the 1960’s.

With age and a car that was built for the masses you get very little in the way of comfort and you get no electric or hydraulic assistance whatsoever. The fun of these cars, as Eman and Jean Claude put it, is that you have complete control over the cars’ behaviour. Not only that, but because the car will not try to correct itself electronically you get to feel the road in your hands which makes the car a complete experience for anyone wanting to drive a car instead  of being driven in a car. There are a few problems with these variants when it comes to parts because some of them are particular to the 1303, however a lot of parts are interchangeable across variants which makes this large number of parts quite common to find and cheap to buy.

During our time with the guys we realised one thing: the Beetle gets a lot of attention. While driving around that lovely Sunday morning, everyone from young to old would look and even look twice. These cars are not only beautiful to look at with their outstanding paint tones but are also nostalgic. Everyone had a Beetle in their family, everyone remembers the Beetle and this is what makes such a cheap and small car what it is today.  You can watch the stories of these 1303’s on the video and photos posted below. Enjoy!


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