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MVM Together for l-Istrina 2015 – Spartan Plugs

For the second day in a row we attended another charity event for the same cause! This time organised by the MVM (Modified Vehicles Malta) Car Club. There were a nice number of cars on display some with major and other with subtle modifications for the enjoyment of the attendees.

Various makes were on display, mostly recent cars and a few classic cars but we also saw a few examples that aren’t as common nowadays. Such as Mitsubishi’s FTO. Two modified sound sections were also present for those that enjoy high end sound. Well done to the MVM Car Club for the initiative.


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Stefan Borg · 5th January 2016 at 1:04 am

Hi there I am Stefan Borg, one of the two directors of MVM Carclub. I really appreciate your attendance at our Show in aid of Istrina 2015 and your feature of our club on your website. A big well done to every participant for their attendance and their donations. You can find us on Instagram, Twitter as “skippycustoms” , like our page on facebook and join our group as well. Whoever wants to join the club with their vehicles just contact me or Clint Bonnici i.e. the other director of the club. Keep updated 😉

Stefan Borg
obo MVM Carclub

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