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Vintage Cruise X – End of Year Special – Spartan Plugs

The Vintage Cruise is one of our favourites and I’ve said that on every Vintage Cruise post so far. This is the one where unfortunately, I (Edward) was late to. due to other commitments. I was told I missed a few beauties although there were still some left by the time I arrived.

I want to focus on another thing this time. Sure we go to drive our cars and see these timeless classics being driven on the road but the Vintage Cruise is special because it brings people together. There’s a special feeling of warmth and family in these events that we cannot even describe, you have to be there to feel it. The owners are happy to tell you anything about the car, even its flaws but if you attend and want to know something about the vehicles, ask them about their stories because there’s lots to be said.

If you do not have your own classic car the chances are you’d be able to secure a ride in one of the cars for the event or otherwise you could attend either the departure or arrival areas (or both) to view the cars.

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