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The Malta Classic 2017 – Spartan Plugs

The Malta Classic definitely needs no introduction, being one of the largest Motorsport and car related event on the Maltese Islands, spanning a total of four days, showcasing classic gems that are usually locked in garages.

The event is split into five smaller events, starting a week before the race weekend with the scrutineering, the hill climb was supposed to take place the following Thursday, but unfortunately due to bad weather it did not take place, the Concours D’Elegance held in the heart of Mdina follows on Friday, Saturday follows with practice sessions and qualifying for the Mdina Grand Prix, and Sunday follows with the races, following is our experience at this much loved event.


On the Saturday before the official race weekend, scrutineering took place at Tigne Point. Competing cars are inspected while providing the public with a good show. 

Concours D’Elegance

Due to the cancellation of the hill climb event, we start this year with the Concours D’Elegance. On this day, classic gems are shown off and judged on different criteria. All we can say is that the cars seen here are all spotless, and breathtaking to look at, and we do not blame their owners for not taking them out of the garage very often.

Practice and Qualifying

It’s Saturday, and the first day of racing around Mdina. The track itself is quite tight and technical with the start line being near the old railway station, from there going on the Mtarfa bypass, with the drivers having to tackle a few tricky chicanes, and some more corners, a hairpin follows for the cars to go back up to Mdina through a narrow road to complete the course. On this day the drivers run one after the other in order to set the best time possible, which would then decide the starting position for the races on Sunday.

Race Day

Sunday, race day, the sun is shining, a perfect day for racing with high temperatures and barely a cloud in sight, tensions are high and the cars pushed to the limit, and sometimes over the limit as well! Some spectacular racing and bold moves made it exciting for all spectators watching, and for some great opportunities to get some action through the lens. 

All in all it was a wonderful event, filled with excitement and some beautiful cars. A big well done to the organizers for another top notch event.

Enjoy the full gallery from all the days of the Malta Classic below!

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