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About – Spartan Plugs

Spartan Plugs is an idea brought around in 2014 and published in 2015. As most car enthusiasts would know, you can find a number of websites that showcase builds around the globe.

We hail from the island of Malta and while there may have been attempts to cover the local enthusiast scene, we felt there was a void we could fill. And so, Spartan Plugs was born. If you’re wondering where the name comes from or what it means, we’ll tell you right here. In Malta, sometimes, English words are mixed, messed up and mispronounced and spark plugs, can be sometimes referred to (yes, we’ve heard it with our very ears) as ‘spartan plugs’. So what better name to pick, right?

Our aim is to showcase vehicles from all aspects of the automotive world in Malta¬†that might be of interest to other car enthusiasts around the globe. But it isn’t just cars, we’ve got some special and rare vehicles as well! Apart from our features you’ll also find other resources on our website, such as random car related stuff on the web and our forums which we encourage you to join and participate in!

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